“Hardwick Grows” – Seed Library

WE HAVE SEEDS! Come get some!
The Paige Memorial Library is home to one of the first Seed Lending Libraries in Massachusetts: Hardwick Grows!
The Hardwick Grows Seed Lending Library was founded in February of 2013 by Hardwick’s own seed and gardening expert Roberta McQuaid, in partnership with the Paige Memorial Library.
What is a Seed Library? A seed library will allow you to grow a variety of different plants in your garden for free. Just stop by the library to borrow seeds free of charge.  Grow plants and harvest seeds of your own! 

 How to Borrow Seeds:

  1. Choose your seeds from our seed collection.
  2. Fill out the file card in the drawer with your name and the types of seeds you borrowed

Why Save Seeds?

  • To save money (a single package of seeds costs about $3.00 now!)
  • To become more self-sustainable
  • To preserve heirloom varieties that could die out

Why be at the mercy of what the seed companies have to offer? If you grow a certain open pollinated tomato and each year you save the seeds from the healthiest plant and the biggest tomato, you are actually improving the next generation of plants!