dscf1408Come visit us at the Paige Memorial Library and see all we have to offer… books, DVDs, audio books, computer access, reference assistance, printing/copying service, free WiFi, and so much more to anyone who comes through our doors. We offer a variety of events for children and adults throughout the year. Please visit us, borrow a book and perhaps buy one at our ONGOING BOOK SALE!

Free Admission at Participating Museums
To find a museum and get your ticket, go to Smithsonian.com/museumday
You’ll be able to download your ticket immediately. We’ll also email you a copy. Check your inbox for an email from info@noreply.smithsonianmag.com with a link to your ticket.

Smithsonian Year of Music
Museum Day 2019 will highlight how music engages society across different eras and promotes cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

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Massachusetts libraries have partnered with Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW) to host events across the state as part of Climate Preparedness Week (September 24-30, 2019).

The Paige Memorial Library, 87 Petersham Road, Hardwick and the Gilbertville Public Library , 259 Main St, Gilbertville, are involved in building community-based preparation, resilience and solutions to climate change.  Together, they invite you to participate.

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Tuesday, September 24 at 6:00 pm, come to the Paige to hear about recycling with Theresa Cofske.  Reducing waste, recycling and composting decrease greenhouse gases by saving energy in the processing of materials, and by reducing the flow of materials into landfills where anaerobic decomposition produces methane.

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Wednesday, September 25 at 10:30 am, join the Story and Play Time patrons to explore native plants and to plant seeds in Paige’s garden to attract Monarch butterflies, bees and other flying friends,… maybe even Fairies.

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At 6:00 pm, visit the Gilbertville Library to hear Eric Vollheim, Paige Memorial Library Trustee, present an overview of what possible impacts climate could have on our town of Hardwick, and how to prepare for threats from severe weather, and how to mitigate any bad effects.  Different plans, organizations, resources and systems are in place and can build up our resiliency in case of trouble. Take strength in knowing what help we can count on and what preparations we can make for ourselves.

GOPARKS: A Fee-Free Day

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The 2019 fee-free days are:

  • September 28, 2019 (National Public Lands Day)
  • November 11, 2019 (Veterans Day)

Produced by the National Park Service and National Park Foundation, this humorous video captures some of the reasons everyone needs to escape every once in a while and invites you to #FindYourPark / #EncuentraTuParque and take advantage of fee-free days this year.

To learn more about some of the unique experiences that can only be found at national parks, visit findyourpark.com/experiences.

And to find a park near you, visit findyourpark.com/find.



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tea-time.jpg Meeting of the Senior (Action) Tea at the Paige Memorial Library                                                                                                    All are invited to participate and add to the agenda!  We are hoping do good things for Hardwick.
                              Thursday at 3 is Tea Time at the Paige

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Book-Club.jpgThe Second Tuesday Book Club will meet monthly at 3 p.m. (new time)

Please join us for tea or coffee and a lively discussion of books, authors and other topics of interest

This is a great way to meet new friends and discover new interests


 Join the Friends of the Paige Memorial Library

We LOVE our Friends!!!

Next meeting:    September 10, Tuesday, at  6 PM
at the Paige Memorial Library
87 Petersham Road

Come with ideas and enthusiasm 

Take home a Paige Library mug as a fitting souvenir!!

Voter Registration Forms

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These tools for libraries were built through a partnerships with vote.org and were made possible through a grant from Non-Profit Vote.

You can use them to register to vote on your library’s website. They are free to use and are available to use by voters in all 50 states!

Register to vote tool

Absentee ballot tool

Check registration tool

Election reminders tool



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Jim Lagomarsino and Meg Haight, members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, give an overview of climate change causes and effects,  on YouTube.

Climate Crisis – Causes, Effects, & Solutions on Youtube:


Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change.


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Story and Toys Play Group at Paige Memorial Library, 87 Petersham Road, Hardwick, Wednesdays 10:30 to 11:30 AM.

 Moms, bring your babies, your toddlers and your preschoolers.  It is a nice way to socialize with other mothers and for children to meet new friends.  Paige has some delightful interactive toys, doll houses and building blocks and plenty of books.  Bring your own snack.

Thursdays  5 to 7


Learn something new,… hone a skill,… challenge your creative problem solving. 

Come join a fun group of people who love to explore art materials.  Come increase your understanding and appreciation of making art, and art as recreation and relaxation.   Drop in to see what’s happening; but once you come, we know you will be back!   You can even bring another activity, like knitting, to do while interacting with the group.  When possible, tools will be provided and shared, depending on the activity and the number of participants.

Call ahead! 

 Participating in creative activities has been shown to improve our cognitive skills and create a confident and optimistic attitude.

Computer Users’ Workshop  – Are you interested?  When shall we meet?

Let’s explore how to use your technology!  Come help us develop this group which will meet at the Paige … participants will choose when to meet and what the topics will be.  If you have a laptop or iPad, bring it.

Sharing with others in groups reduces anxiety, improves self-esteem, and helps members’ sense of overall well-being.  Where else can you accomplish that, enjoy the company of some very interesting people, and learn something new?

Paige Memorial Library, 87 Petersham Road, Hardwick, MA  01037

413-477-6704     director.paigelibrary@gmail.com


Drop in whenever we are open to write a letter on the computer, explore the Internet, copy a document, take out an audio book, or a movie on DVD.

Do you have  technology questions?  Bring in your laptop, cell phone or tablet and see if we can help you get a step higher on your climb on the ladder of learning.