dscf1408Welcome to Paige Memorial Library!  Come visit us and see all we have to offer. We provide books, DVDs, audio books, computer access, printing/copying service, free WiFi, reference assistance, and so much more to anyone who comes through our doors. We offer a variety of events for children and adults throughout the year. Please visit us, borrow a book and perhaps buy one at our ONGOING BOOK SALE!

 Paige Memorial Library 
87 Petersham Road, Hardwick, MA        P O Box 413
413-477-6704        director.paigelibrary@gmail.com

October 16 at 6:00 PM

Tracey Ryan presents the latest book in her Mystery Trilogy

Tracey Ryan is BACK with a new book in her mystery series. Tracey evolved her love of reading mysteries to writing them. Events, people and places in everyday life are woven into her stories. 

If you enjoy a good mystery, come to the Paige Library to hear local author and former Hardwick resident discuss her books.

The parking lot in front of the Paige Memorial Library will be repaved within the next few weeks.
We look forward to this improvement, but apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.
The DPW will try to do the work when we are closed, but there may be a time when you cannot park in front of the library. 
We plan to be open our normal operating hours. You may use Goddard Park next to the library or the church parking lot across the street. We are grateful to the church for this privilege.
Please do not park on the main road, Route 32A.
Thank you.

Book Club meets November 13 at 2:00 PM.  Come enjoy the exchange of ideas!

Friends of the Paige 

 Memorial Library

Join the Friends of the Paige Memorial Library

We LOVE our Friends!!!

Next meeting:    November 13 at  6 PM
at the Paige Memorial Library
87 Petersham Rdoad

Come with ideas and enthusiasm 

Thank you for participating in the Hardwick Fair-y Town

Come pick up your beautiful houses and take them home.
They were well appreciated!



Paige Memorial Library hosted a summer reading program for adults as well as children this year with the added incentive of winning a prize!  Adult Patrons, we are extending the raffle to August 30.  Come for a tea party and awards of wonderful gifts, just for reading!!!

We had ice cream sundaes provided by Eagle Hill School.  Thank you, so much!

We had Bowling, drawing and coloring, horseshoes and rings, frisbee through a hoop, basketball, free books, prizes  and DRUMMING with Tim Kane. 

We ALL had fun!
























Come to borrow books and movies.  Come explore the toys, games and puppets. 

Visit the Maker Space on the lower level for art for all ages

We are here for you!

  Come in and be creative!

Participating in creative activities has been shown to improve our cognitive skills and create a confident and optimistic attitude.

Computer Users’ Workshop  – Are you interested?  When shall we meet?

Let’s explore how to use your technology!  Come help us develop this group which will meet at the Paige … participants will choose when to meet and what the topics will be.  If you have a laptop or iPad, bring it.

Sharing with others in groups reduces anxiety, improves self-esteem, and helps members’ sense of overall well-being.  Where else can you accomplish that, enjoy the company of some very interesting people, and learn something new?

Paige Memorial Library, 87 Petersham Road, Hardwick, MA  01037

413-477-6704     director.paigelibrary@gmail.com

FUNdamentals of Art  Thursday evenings  5 to 7 pm.

Come join a fun group of people who love to explore art materials and experiences, to increase your understanding and appreciation of making art, and to appreciate art as recreation and relaxation.   Many people have unfinished projects at home and materials which need to be dusted off and used again.  These will be drop in workshops.  Observers are welcome.  You can even bring another activity, like knitting, to do while interacting with the group, but participants are responsible for their supplies.  When possible, tools will be provided and shared, depending on the activity and the number of participants.

Thursdays    5 to 7 PM

Story and Toys Play Group at Paige Memorial Library, 87 Petersham Road, Hardwick, Wednesdays 10:30 to 11:30 AM.  Moms, bring your babies, your toddlers and your preschoolers.  It is a nice way to socialize with other mothers and for children to meet new friends.  Paige has some delightful interactive toys, doll houses and building blocks and plenty of books.  Bring your own snack.

We ALL have fun at Paige!!!


Drop in whenever we are open to write a letter on the computer, explore the Internet, copy a document, take out an audio book, or a movie on DVD.

Do you have  technology questions?  Bring in your laptop, cell phone or tablet and see if we can help you get a step higher on your climb on the ladder of learning.