The Paige Memorial Library remains Covid cautious, but is open for full service, offering storytime outdoors and in. We are fully open for browsing, but we still offer curbside service. We provide hand sanitizer in the entry and masks if you choose to wear them. We care about our patrons and want everyone to be safe.

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Phase 3: Expanded Service

If at this time it is deemed practical by both the Director and the Board of Trustees, the library will make a sincere attempt to expand normal services while maintaining established safety protocols.  This will include limited computer usage, and perhaps a designated outdoor space where lawn chairs can be made available so that people can visit outdoors while keeping a reasonable distance.  This space (used responsibly) can also be used for people who wish to access our wifi with their laptops.  If our normal hours of operation are reduced during the previous above phases, every reasonable attempt will be made to bring our hours back to normal.   At the discretion of the Director, some limited programming may be able to resume if it can be done safely.  Patrons will be allowed to use the library restroom if absolutely needed.

Phase 4Near Full Resuming of Services

When it is officially deemed safe to reopen by MA Government officials, the MBLC, MLA, Board of Trustees, and the Hardwick Select Board, the library will proceed with caution to resume normal operations to the best of our abilities.  This will take place only when the risk of infection is officially considered to be very low and there is full confidence that the health and safety needs and requirements of both staff and patrons can be adequately adhered to.  There will also be the understanding that we may decide to scale back to previous phases if considered necessary.


This plan will be considered ‘fluid’ and if need be, will be updated as recommendations change.  Patrons are expected to follow these established safety guidelines to ensure the safety of staff and other patrons.  If patrons are unable to follow these guidelines, the Director will ask the patron to leave immediately.  Repeated violations may result in the suspension of library privileges. 

In the event of decreased staffing levels, a local outbreak, a sick staff member or library patrons, or otherwise directed by the local Board of Health, the Library may be forced to close for a period of time, reduce operating hours, and/or limit services. All closings will be communicated to the public as quickly as possible.  These guidelines have been established in accordance with standards provided by both the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) as well as the Massachusetts Library System (MLS) and have been finalized by the Paige Memorial Library Board of Trustees and the Town of Hardwick Select Board.

Submitted May 2020