Friends of Paige Memorial Library

The Friends of Paige Memorial Library are an active group of community members dedicated to supporting the library. The Friends of the Paige Memorial Library organize events, raise funds, and purchase gifts for the library. Their support allows the Paige Memorial Library to go above and beyond what they would otherwise be able to offer to the community, and it is integral to the library’s continued success.

Thank you, Friends!


See the quilt above?  They made that.
Are you familiar with our beautiful grandfather clock? The Ladies’ Library Association — an early version of the Friends of the Library — donated it all the way back in 1916!

Thanks to the Friends for the Annual Book Sales, PML’s  Seed Lending Library, our public computers, our book drop, art supplies, awesome prizes for the Summer Reading Programs, funding for presenters and wonderful programming like Heritage Apples, All About Mushrooms, Aldrich Astronomical presentations, Chocolate Tasting and Chocolate Dipping, and much, much more.

We love our Friends.  Without them, we would be just a library!

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How can you join?
Think you’d like to help make the library an even more vibrant part of our community for ourselves and for future generations?
The Friends of the Paige Memorial Library are always looking for new members! Meetings are every other month.
For more information, email the Director at