Past Events


September 19, 2017

6:00 PM at the Town House on the Hardwick Common

Drum, Drums, Drumming with Tim Kane

Professional and Certified Drummer Tim Kane takes small and large audiences on a journey into the rich American history of drums as well as their immigrant and primal roots abroad.

Participants don’t need any drumming experience, and parents are openly encouraged to be with their children and play along with them.

Drumming is one of the best therapeutic, cardiovascular and fun exercises out there. Kane uses live drum demonstrations and performance mixed in with his narrative to convey the true art of drumming in a thorough and fun historical account. Each participant creates collaborative rhythmic jams after learning the basics. The magic is found in the group building upon its own creations and playing along to music from New Orleans jazz, Amazon, Native American Territories, and South America rain forests.

Tim Kane has been teaching music and playing drums and percussion for over 30 years and lives locally in Brookfield, MA.

Come beat your own drum!!

If you enjoy a good mystery book series, you’ve come to the right place! Tracey Ryan grew up in Hardwick reading mysteries (from the Paige Memorial Library????). She has written her first of the murder mystery novels in the series, “Wicked Game of the Hunter”, and is working on the follow-up.

Come hear all about her writing at the Paige Memorial Library, 87 Petersham Road, Hardwick on September 12 at 6 pm. For more information call Paige at 413-477-6704 or check out Tracey’s web page

The Paige Memorial Library Summer Reading program ends August 17, so stop in to record what you read and get a prize.  You will also get a raffle ticket for some wonderful gift baskets! Come on in!

Come by to create a toy.  Yes, we are making a toy with things you find around the house!!


ball in cup                                                                buzz-saw                                                  balloon tennis


Relax Your Mind With Essential Oils

  Hosted by The Essential Oil NP Diane Murphy

 The events are fun and relaxed. We talk about what essential oils are, how to use them and for this class we will talk about how to use for relaxation, manage stress, sleep, and much more. I bring all the oils to smell and try. And we will have a free raffle giveaway

by Ed Orzechowski

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the closing of the former Belchertown State School in Belchertown Massachusetts

Abandoned by his unwed mother during World War II, Donald Vitkus becomes a ward of the Commonwealth of Mass­achusetts. He is 27 days old. Six years later as “Patient #3394,” he is committed to Belchertown State School, where he is labeled a “moron” with an I.Q. of 41. Like hundreds of other institutions across the country, Belchertown is a de-humanizing environment of barred windows, locked doors, and brutal regimentation.  A patient from 1949 to 1960, Donald says, “I never want us to return to those days.”  It is Donald’s triumph that he was able to survive Belchertown.  When he is able, he accompanies the author to book signings.
“You’ll Like It Here is packed with gritty, realistic detail, some of it darkly hilarious. Belchertown State School is the evil institution incarnate, itself a character, a brooding presence over the whole story.

July 11, 2017    6:00 pm

Are you an Empath?           


Presented by Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson, authors of The Reluctant Empath and The Empath’s Quest: Finding Your Destiny

Have you spent your life feeling everyone’s emotions? Have you been bombarded with every thought, every feeling from those around you and from the world itself? Are you ready to scream? You are not crazy; you are an empath. This interactive workshop will help you understand what it means to be an empath, why you feel what you feel, and how to share the wonderful opportunities the gift of empathy offers you to heal yourself, those around you, and the world. You will learn to discern the truth when people’s words do not match their emotions, to use fearlessness to protect yourself, and to tap into the vibrational energy of love. You will also learn how energy works and how it can be used for healing, accessing the past, present, and future, manifesting responsibly, and much more. If you suspect you are an empath or know someone who may be struggling with that gift, this workshop is definitely for you. Books will be available for sale.

Writing New England Gothic          

Ghosts, witches, antique houses that hold dark secrets – all are grist for the mill when writing New England Gothic literature. In the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson and Stephen King, writers of New England Gothic fiction explore the realm of the supernatural in our own back yard.

Join author Chrysler Szarlan in a discussion of this interesting genre at the Paige Memorial Library . Chrysler Szarlan has jogged racehorses, performed as a magician’s assistant, and worked as an attorney with the Connecticut Legal Rights Project. Her debut novel, The Hawley Book of the Dead, was named an NPR Best Book of 2014. Her essays have appeared in The Huffington Post and London’s Sunday Telegraph. She lives in western June (Ware) Massachusetts with her family, where she is working on a new novel set in a haunted library.

Our display was to bring attention to Judith Black’s portrayal of  Lucy Stone  Sunday, April 23, 2 PM at the Town House on the Hardwick Common.
The Stories of Seven Major League Baseball Players from One Small Central Massachusetts Town
The region’s rich baseball history going back to pre-Civil War times, presenting teams and personalities that have been part of Ware’s baseball scene over the past 150 years.

Into the narrative Katz weaves explanations of particular features of the game and their histories—such as the invention of the curveball, the birth of professional baseball, and the development of baseball’s farm system—as well as colorful anecdotes from the players’ careers.

A member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), Stephen Robert Katz was born in Ware and raised in Winthrop, received law degrees from Boston University and the University of London, Stephen taught international law at the University of Wales (U.K.), and then became a practicing attorney in Boston. He had a 26-year career with the United Nations, serving in Vienna (Austria) and New York, as well as in the former Yugoslavia, where he was the head legal adviser to the UN’s peacekeeping mission during the war in the Balkan region. He and his wife reside in New York City

The story of Quaboag sachem Hendrick Kequoaquau and his request for a settlement with the Massachusetts Bay government for lands he claimed were  taken from him without  payment of the “native right”. The third and last claim was restricted only to land known as Hardwick.  Mr. Don Duffy,  teacher and author, spoke of the Lamb and Company’s attempt after King Philip’s War to secure an Indian deed for land they called Wombemesiscook.   After years of inaction, a newly reconstituted Lamb and Company bumbled their way in pursuing settlement of the land in the deed which eventually resulted in the settlement of Palmer, eastern Ware, West Warren , and Hardwick.

Mr. Duffy continues to study and is now concentrating on the location of the Bay Path over Bald Peak in Monson and the connection to the main route from Pocumtuck (Deerfield ) through the Quabbin to Wickabaog and the Quaboags.


 Jackie Easter was joined by Sophie (all decked out in her Easter finery) and Steve, Sophie’s companion and faithful human.
Sophie came to show us her incredibly good manners and to inspire the good folks who  have animals and want to learn from Jackie Easter how to create a relationship which benefits both human and pet.
Easter eggs were decorated and hunted at the Paige!  It was a great time for kids and their adults.